Sportsmanship Initiative

GSAC Sportsmanship Award Winners
Year Men's Institutional Winner Women's Institutional Winner All-Sportsmanship Team
2010-11 Huntingdon College Wesleyan College Complete Roster
2009-10 Piedmont College Wesleyan College Complete Roster


GSAC Sportsmanship Initiative
The beginning of the 2009-2010 academic year marks the creation of two GSAC sportsmanship awards. These two awards have been developed with the initiative to award student athletes and institutions within the GSAC that exemplify the best qualities of sportsmanship. The conference defines sportsmanship as a commitment to excellence through an atmosphere of fair play that demonstrates respect for teammates, coaches, opposing student athletes and coaches, officials, and fans.

There are two conference awards associated with the initative as well as a renewal of a conference commitment to sportsmanship by all institutions.

GSAC Sportsmanship Team
-- The sportsmanship team is awarded to one student athlete from each member institution on each conference sponsored team.
-- Each conference school will choose one student athlete from their team that exemplifies the conference definition of sportsmanship.
-- It is expected that the team will vote for one person on their team and the student athlete with the most votes will be forwarded to the conference sports information director. The timing will correlate to the all-conference voting procedures of each sport.
-- The Sportsmanship Team will be announced along with the other end of the season awards and placed on the conference website.

GSAC Institutional Sportsmanship of the Year
-- The conference recognizes two institutions that best promoted the conference definition of sportsmanship for that year. One institutional award will be based on the votes of male student athletes, the other institutional award based on the votes of female student athletes.
-- At the end of season for each sport the student athletes at each institution will vote for the one conference school they felt exemplified the conference definition of sportsmanship.
-- Each student athlete will have a vote.
-- The results of those votes will be sent to the conference sportmanship chair who will keep a running tally of each sport.
-- The award should be stated at the beginning of the season so the student athletes can be thinking about it through the season.
-- The institution with the highest number of points will be awarded a plaque from the conference.

Conference Commitment to Sportmanship
In keeping with the commissioners’ sportmanship initiative, the GSAC reaffirms its commitment to sportsmanship. The Fan Sportmanship Program will serve as a guide for conference institutions. Each institution agrees to follow the program and include education in fan behavior and expectations.
-- Include a sportmanship tolerance statement in all game programs.
-- Announce sportsmanship tolerance statement at each home contest.
-- Properly administer a safe environment for all participants, coaches, and officials.
-- Construct a game management policy utilizing best practices from the Program.
-- Agree to enforce the policy to create a safe environment.

The Great South Athletic Conference and its student-athletes ask you to support our shared goal of promoting positive sportsmanship and cultivating an enjoyable sporting event.

We ask you as fans to:
* Cheer for your team not against the opponent
* Do not get personal in your comments about players, coaches or officials.
* No profanity, vulgarity, racist or sexist comments.

Endorsed by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, the Presidents’ Council and the Athletic Directors’ Council of the Great South Athletic Conference.

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